Whether you’re looking for beautiful blinds for your residential project, a stunning hi-tech office space or 100 bedroom hotel, we can help. We supply all types of interior blinds and window coverings, using the very latest fabrics, systems and components. With our expert knowledge of motorised blinds and automated control systems, we can help you decide exactly which specification is right for you. From initial design through to delivery and installation, you can be assured of our support. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

QMotion offers state-of-the-art natural light control with the following benefits:

Several different control options • QMotion UK shades offer the convenience of moving the shade up or down, stopping at any of the top, the bottom, four programmable intermediate stops, or anywhere in between; all with the ease of a button press.

Lost your remote?• No problem! QMotion shades can be moved up or down manually with no remote control. Simply give the shade a gentle pull to get them started.

Want to control multiple shades with just one remote? QMotion multi-channel remote controls 6 individual shades or 6 groups of shades all with one remote control. Each channel can have an unlimited number of shades programmed to it.

Unmatched quietness QMotion engineers developed a shade with quiet operation for a beautiful and peaceful experience.

Distinctive designs • Generous fabric collection of light filtering, decorative and beautiful blackout materials.

Industry leading light gaps on the sides of the shades as small as 13mm gap on each side, providing the most uniform and highest level of window coverage.

QMotion automated shades are powered by a low voltage power supply, or an internal pack of standard D-cell batteries.

Batteries can last two to five years, dramatically reducing maintenance cost and adding convenience, (shade size and usage will determine actual battery life). - No cords - No electrician - No wires - No special tools

QMotion battery operated shades are shipped with the batteries installed in the shade tube, for the convenience of our customers

Our Roman blinds are manufactured using a combination of the latest technology and traditional skills. All blinds are hand-finished to ensure there is no visible stitching on the face of the blind and have an integral fabric pelmet that covers the cord exit hole from the cord lock mechanism. We have a huge range of fabrics including a large natural collection to suit current market trends, but we can also produce blinds in your own material. All blinds come with an Ecru lining as standard, although coloured, blackout and flame-retardant linings are also available.

Pleated blinds are perfect for use in conservatories, sunrooms, high roofs and other hard to reach areas. Motorised pleated blinds are the ideal choice to ensure easy and smooth operation of your conservatory blinds without the need for poles or wands. They are either free hanging for vertical windows or fitted snugly into the window frame for skylight and roof windows. Many of the pleated fabrics come with a solar protective coating designed to keep out excessive heat in the summer, and keep in the warmth during the winter. You can open and close all or part of your blinds simply by using the remote control, from anywhere in your home.

Transition blinds offer a stunning alternative to conventional roller blinds, by combining all elements within the one product. The unique double layer of fabric allows the blind much greater versatility than that of a standard blind. In the open position, the fabric allows a view through the blinds much like that of a voile or net curtain, but when set in the closed position, the fabric provides the privacy of a roller blind.

It is powered by D cell batteries which with average usage of twice per day the system will provide 2-5 years life, by having the system motorised it eliminates the need for unsightly chains or the fears about child safety. it has a built in manual override by gently tugging it can be operated when no power is available.

Our blackout blinds are designed specifically to achieve light exclusion. From total blackout blinds to room darkening shades, we have the perfect solutions for home cinema rooms, bedrooms, photographic laboratories, conference facilities and audio visual training rooms. Our blackout blinds can be controlled manually or motorised. Again, these can operated manually or electrically, by switch, RF remote control or an AV system.

Features and Benefits

• The design allows for easier installation in window well or wall, for either brick or side mount.

• Side channels and sill angles offer an additional light control solution by covering the sides and bottom of the window (shade fascias or cassette block the light at the top of the window).

• Side channels are 80mm wide by 24mm deep.

• The fabric travels inside the channels and has a light blocking wool pile to help block light, this comes in either grey or black.

• Side channels and accompanying sill angles come in white, black or anodised silver.

• Sill angle is “L”-shaped, 25mm.

• Fits into fascia or cassette to ensure maximum room darkening.

• Max size is 3000mm x 3500mm (depending on fabric).

• Side channels supplied with an alternative hembar which is 42mm high x 12mm deep complete with brush strip.

• No fabric wrapped hembar option available. • Shades used with side channels require larger deduction in the fabric width.

8-cityscapeOur roller blinds can also be digitally printed, so you can personalise them with photographs for use in the home, or for the office, they can be customised with your corporate logo, branding and imagery. All fabrics are flame retardant, contain UV inhibitors for longer lasting colour retention and are manufactured to withstand the rigorous demands of the office environment – or the playroom!

We offer a wide range of electric motorised options, delivering high performance with the minimum of sound and tailoring bespoke solutions to our clients’ requirements. Remote control systems are either hardwired or wireless and battery operated, if mains power is not available, and can operated by hand held remote or by third party system control, including integration with an AV system, or via smartphone, tablet and PC from anywhere in the world. These are a great way to automate an area without the additional cost and complication of an electrician running new cabling.


When it comes to building a world-class company for automated window treatments, you need an inventor, someone who tweaks and tinkers late into the night because he's fascinated by the elements that must be tamed and he's excited by the challenge of fine-tuning products into perfection.

In our case, that dedicated investigator of all things industrial is Willis Mullet, who founded QMotion Incorporated after spending many years improving garage doors and garage door openers. Willis is the former CEO of the Wayne Dalton Corp, one of the USA's leading manufacturers of garage doors and openers. While at Wayne Dalton, he helped steer major advancements in insulated garage doors including the first pinch resistant sectional joints as well as a revolutionary torsion spring counterbalance system that quickly became the envy of the industry.

Willis has injected QMotion Advanced Shading Systems with that same dynamic energy, crafting ways to make window treatments and electric shades move quietly, more efficiently, and have batteries that last years longer or equally innovative low voltage powered shades.

We at QMotion UK are proud to now make their products available on this side of the pond.

  • 100% Wireless

    Qmotion is battery powered and can be remote controlled, so there are no wires to install or complicated building works.

    100% WirelessQMotion UK are the industry leaders when it comes to a wireless shading system. With no power wires or control wires required at all, the user can install a fully motorised and intelligently controlled shading system without the need for using any electricians. For the first time there really is a system by which you can use motorised shades without the need for chasing out walls or installing unsightly surface mounted conduits to hide the wiring.

  • Remote Control

    The cool QMotion multi-function remote control allows you to control one or multiple blinds at once.

    Remote ControlQMotion UK Remote Controls are offered in standard white finish and are designed for easy set up and operation. We offer two types that can either operate a single shade or if more than one shade is installed a multi control remote can be used. Other remote control accessories that can be purchased are easy install flush mounted plates, which can be fixed to your walls and will hold the remote you have selected by magnet to the flush mounted plate.

  • iPhone / Android

    Got a smart phone, or tablet? You can control your blinds using the QMotion app.

    iPhone / AndroidQMotion UK can offer an app for both smart phone and or tablet which can be downloaded in either IOS or android formats. For the app to work and recognise the fact that QMotion UK shades have been installed, the user needs to install a Qsync into their Wi-Fi router. Once the QMotion app of choice is downloaded all the shades can then be addressed individually and if required grouped together, therefore providing an excellent and easy to use platform in which the shades can be operated.

  • Virtually Silent

    Unlike conventional motorised shades, QMotion technology allows for near-silent operation.

    Virtually SilentQMotion UK motors are almost silent, ensuring that when the shades are operated, that there will be virtually no motor noise that will interrupt or disturb the ambient noise in the room or area to which the shades or blinds are installed. This leaves the user with a pleasant experience when operating the shades and therefore no unnecessary attention is drawn to the window due to excessive motor noise.

  • Easy Setup

    No wires or switches to install means installation is as easy as fitting any other window blind.

    Easy SetupOnce your brackets are installed to your intended fixing points, and you have located the blind into the brackets. QMotion UK blinds are really are easy to set up. By following the instructions contained with every blind the 'SET' will take no longer than a few minutes, and you will have your shade working and fully operational. And yes we even install the batteries within the tube just to make the time from out of the box to operation just that little bit shorter.

  • 3 Year Batteries

    Based on four operations per day, the batteries last up to 3 years, and are a breeze to replace.

    3 Year BatteriesQMotion Shades come complete with pre installed readily available standard Alkaline D cell batteries. The battery life is dependant on the size of the shade and the amount of operations carried out on a daily basis. However based on a standard sized shade and alongside our fully vetted testing procedures we would suggest that it will work for up to 3 years with out the need for replacing batteries based on 4 fully up/down operations per day.

Integration & Extras

The ability to control shades from a central point has become the new normal for todays advanced shading systems. We at QMotion UK are pleased to be able to offer the ability to operate blinds to suit all most every requirement. Below are our integration modules that once installed can provide single, grouped and 'all' control of the shades installed in your property.

  • Qconnect for Home or Building Automation Systems

    Qconnect for Home or Building Automation Systems

    The AV specialists' favourite module for operating Qmotion UK Shades. With most of the leading integration partners already providing drivers for QMotion UK shades it's really easy, after 'LEARNING' your shades to the Qconnect. Plug it into your preferred method of operating system at the rear of the box which offers either dry contact, RS232 or RS485 protocols. Qconnect includes its own battery therefore allowing the integrator the ability to unplug and 'LEARN' more shades on new channels if the user requires this. Qconnect really is a one stop box leaving providing a simple solution to control a your QMotion shading system via a third party interface.

  • Qsync for Properties where there is no Home or Building Automation System

    Qsync for Properties where there is no Home or Building Automation System

    QMotion UK are pleased to introduce the Qsync operating system whereby the user can plug the Qsync via the Ethernet supplied cable into a spare LAN port at the back of their existing Wi-Fi Router. The user can then download the Qmotion app on their smart phone or tablet to find the applicable Wi-Fi network. Once the network is found it is possible to address all the shades to operate them either individually by room, by group, by elevation or indeed by all. This is an excellent format by which a user without a home automation system can operate their shades.

  • Qrelay


    With Qrelay, you can be assured that your control is complete, even in areas or sites where reception may not be the best. Just add Qrelay to ensure that a signal reaches your QMotion UK shades, wherever they are located:

    • Use as many as you need; Unique design code technology ensures no cross interference between devices.
    • Two modes of operation to suit your preferences.
      • Zone specific mode allows two different remotes to be learned to the repeater.
      • Echo mode repeats all valid QMotion remote commands.
    • Plugin wherever you have an 240V outlet, or into a properly powered USB port.

    Qrelay extends the capability of QMotion UK shades by assisting signal transmission and reception when needed and is compatible with all QMotion transmitters.

Silent Gliss has been at the forefront of the interior shading market for a number of years.

Providing customers with the very best in quality, design, technology, service and individuality, Silent Gliss products now grace the highest specification homes all over the world.

Offering a vast collection of fabrics, and almost every blind system available, MTL are delighted to supply the full range of Silent Gliss shading solutions, including WAVE, the renowned curtain heading system that is widely regarded as one of the best curtain systems available.

MTL is pleased to offer Silent Gliss 5100 Autoglide, the new electric curtain track system for light to medium weight curtains. Suitable for use with the WAVE curtain heading system, the 5100 Autoglide is one of the smoothest and quietest curtain track systems now on the market. With its easy to use ‘Touch and Go’ feature, 5100 Autoglide is operated wirelessly by hand held remote, third party system or via smartphone, tablet and PC from anywhere in the world.

The Lutron name, well known in the UK, is synonymous with high tech products and superior reliability. Lutron QS shading systems include the popular roller shades, cellular shades and curtain tracks as well as solutions for skylights. All come with near silent operation and low volt power control. The new QS wireless range facilitates stand alone use, perfect where there is no specified control system and when only the very best will suffice.

The automated LUTRON SERENA range operates purely on battery power, lasting up to five years on a single set. With easy access to replace the power cells, effortless automation and simple control via hand-held remote, the Serena roller and cellular shades are leaders in the market.

For enhanced functionality and seamless integration, the LUTRON TRIATHLON system provides the backbone. Specified exactly as per the SERENA family, Triathlon technology allows third party system control, without the need for handheld remotes.

Modern, straightforward, direct: roller blinds by Création Baumann get multi-faceted textiles rolling in style while blending discreetly into their surroundings.

App Controlqsync

  • Control your shades via
    smartphone or tablet
  • QSYNC plugs straight into
    router via LAN connection
  • Range of 10-15m, ideal for most rooms
  • Easy to program via website tutorial

Wireless Extendersqrelay

  • Signal amplification option
  • Powered by USB compliant jack
  • Echoes any command received from
    the ECOTRIC remote
  • Ideal for large open spaces or rooms
    with non-standard layout

Home Automation Integrationqconnect

  • For connection to existing home
    management systems
  • Offers Dry contact, RS232, or RS485
  • Ideal and simple for 3rd party system integration

Battery Operationbattery-operation

  • No power or control wires, so need for electrical certification
  • No unsightly wall chasing or visible conduits
  • System supplied pre-installed with Alkaline D
    Cell batteries
  • System designed to provide up to 7 years usage
    on a single set of batteries

Remote Controlremote-control

  • Operate a single shade or multiple shades via
    multifunction hand held remote control
  • Wall mounted wireless operational switches
    also available
  • Designed for simple setup and immediate use


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